Nguyen Tan Phat is an ancient village of Duong Lam son with a passion for art he studied at the most prestigious art schools in Vietnam. Cherished ambition through art to promote Duong Lam ancient village, ancient village water two kings of Vietnam and also the first ancient village was granted the title of the oldest villages Vietnamese soil.

After much study and experience Dolavn.vn Development created in 2001. Many of his products are made out of Vietnam compliments, lacquer is a key inspiration for his creation of the product unique market position in the Vietnamese handicrafts.

Dola design

What’s most intriguing art, crafts and fine art is beautiful and novelty, which is also Dolavn criteria. The design talent of the artist is expressed in a variety of fields: fashion, interior and exterior … Located in the heart of Duong Lam ancient village Dolavn placed in honor of a community of artistic, cultural Long team. In addition to the Dolavn people admire the exquisite work done by hand, but also to live in a long-standing culture of Vietnam.

Duong Lam Tour

Upon arrival guests will be provided with Dolavn tour guide showed us the landmarks in the ancient village populations as Mia Pagoda, Dinh Mong Phu, churches Giang Van Minh, Ngo Quyen Tomb … and the story of a long history of Vietnam’s oldest village.

Vision & Service

All our products are made by themselves are not copied not repeat, our creative work as a pride

To purchase and work with us you’ll be dedicated professionally. Please contact us whenever you need.